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I am Sorry Admin , Your Site Has Been Hacked. System Is Low, Please Patch Your System. This Is Just A Warning If You Still Didn't Make a Protection of Your Server. We Will Keep On Hacking It.

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Server Down

Your System Is Low , Please Patch Your System!

if you want to change your website normaly, Just Delete index.php/html and rename index_backup.php/html to index.php/html
I Think you know what I mean :)
But,If you can't find it,it's mean you must use your brain so hard :D Sorry ;)


Alhamdulillah,All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the World, the Master and the Creator of everything in the Universe, the Destroyer of all oppressors and the Hope of the oppressed, for enabling us to meet together in the simple but peaceful place. Peace and salutation be upon to the noble Prophet of Islam, Muhammad S.A.W. and his household, his companions and his faithful followers who strive in Allah’ s religion of Islam. Terima kasih untuk senior-senior yang membantu saya , saya sangat senang sekali karna bisa mempelajari hal yang sangat saya sukai , thanks to Allah SWT , My Parents and My Friends


I am a Muslim,I live in INDONESIA,doesn't matter,Who am I. But if you want to be my friend you can follow me in twitter or add me on facebook. Thank you very much

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